Voucher Welcome to São Jorge

Voucher Welcome to São Jorge

The ‘Voucher Welcome to São Jorge’ initiative, created with the aim of mitigating the impact of the earthquake-volcanic crisis on the local economy, through a financial incentive to purchase goods and services in the tourism sector, was in force until the end of 2022.
For further clarification, please contact the Regional Directorate of Tourism, via number 292200500 or by e-mail vouchersaojorge@azores.gov.pt.

Voucher Welcome to São Jorge


São Jorge is one of the Azores most beautiful islands. It is known for its steep slopes, the abundance of waterfalls, coves, but mostly for its “fajãs” (land areas by the sea), where, over the centuries, an impressive heritage has been built, in landscape, cultural and social terms.

This is an island that stands out not only for its people but above all for its particularities. From the long and narrow shape, to all the diversity and landscape features that distinguish it from the other islands of the Azores Archipelago.

And these are the differences that make São Jorge extremely appealing to the tourists, an island that is increasingly positioning itself in the regional tourism sector.

What to do on São Jorge Island?


From the wisdom of the cheesemakers and São Jorge’s soil and climate characteristics, a firm ripened cheese is born, with a firm consistency, a yellowish, hard or semi-hard paste, with small and irregular holes scattered throughout the mass, which presents a breakable structure. It is produced by using only whole raw cow’s milk, salt and rennet.

From the thousands of cheeses produced every year on São Jorge island, with a strong artisanal component, is born the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) São Jorge Cheese, a product certified and of excellence with unique tastes and textures.

Go on a guided tour to one of the factories and get to know the process of making São Jorge Cheese.

Delight yourself with the unmistakeable and unique São Jorge’s clams, with a distinctive flavour and unique appearance and try out our grilled limpets.

Visit a café plantation and get acquainted with the biological production and artisanal process of a product with unique characteristics and enjoy its taste.

Complete your gastronomic experience with the typical sweets, from which the “espécies” stand out, a sweet in the form of a horseshoe, a little spicy and with a unique and delicious flavour.

Nautical Activities

Dive into the crystal-clear waters od São Jorge’s coast and get to know the marine caves. Go on a snorkelling adventure in the natural swimming pools and get to know the most characteristic marine species of the Azores. Go on a kayak or boat tour along the coast and enjoy the steep and green landscapes, the waterfalls and the small coves where the “fajãs” are nested. Surf on waves, known as being Europe’s longest waves. Or simply, adventure yourself on a stand-up paddles tour. Make your sunset toast on a sailing tour with impressive views to the other central group’s islands.

Nature Activities

Increase your adrenaline by descending a stream and afterwards by rappelling down a waterfall by the sea. Add new sensations to your visit and adventure yourself in other activities in the most hidden São Jorge’s “fajãs”. Start a walking trail on the mountain, at an altitude of 700 meters and end it at the Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, a surfing spot and where the famous São Jorge clams are produced. Go on a biking tour by the sea or discover the green landscapes.

Landscape touring

Visit São Jorge Island, from Ponta dos Rosais to Ponta do Topo. Be amazed by the magnificent views of the neighbour islands. To the South, the islands Pico and Faial, and to the North, Terceira and Graciosa.

Enjoy the view of the volcanic cones in the central mountain range and let yourself be surprised by the breathtaking landscapes that the several viewpoints throughout the island offer the visitors. The uniqueness of each “fajã”, the blue of the ocean and the green and steep slopes are waiting for your visit.

Cultural Heritage

The richness of São Jorge culture expresses itself in several ways. The popular and religious festivities stand out, as living manifestations of São Jorge Island. The Holy Spirit festivities, the patron saints’ festivities, the summer festivals spread the joy to all of those, who visit us.

Get to know the living way of a people through the ethnography present in the economic activities, through the visit to the several museums existent on the island.

Observe the relation between Nature and Man in the local handcraft that through the used materials and technics, takes us to the time of our grandparents.

Visit the Church of Santa Bárbara, an impressive treasure of baroque art.


With dazzling landscapes and a rich cultural and historical heritage that awaken the senses and mark forever the memory of those, who visit São jorge, this island offers uncountable experiences. Get to know the island’s hospitality, taste the famous São Jorge cheese and the traditional sweets, dive into the clear waters of the natural swimming pools, or enjoy the several nautical activities. Complete your visit with a landscape touring, cross the mountains and “fajãs” through the island’s magnificent trails. End your trip to São Jorge by getting to know its culture and traditions with visits to the museums and local handcraft.
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