Voucher Açores

Azores Safe Destination Voucher

Company Access

  • • Companies headquartered or with permanent establishment in the Azores, engaged in the tourism sector, which develop the following activities listed in the Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities - Rev. 3:
                      - Accommodation - 55;
                      - Restaurants and Bars - 56;
                      - Rental of transport equipment - 771;
                      - Travel agencies, tour operators and tour guides - 79;
                      - Leisure, entertainment and other tourism services - 90 + 91 + 932.

  • The registration to participate in the establishments Network can be carried out from October 14, 2020 and will be available for the entire duration of the campaign;

  • • After validation of the data by the Regional Directorate for Tourism, the establishments are identified, and mapped in the participants "Network" area of this portal.
  • Vouchers containing a QR Code and an alphanumeric code are sent by email to eligible passengers ;

  • The voucher can be discounted using the QR Code reading tool, which is available in the reserved area the internet portal has for each establishment or, alternatively, by entering the code in the same area;

  • Vouchers are valid for two months from the emission date and can be used to purchase goods and services in the Azores;

  • Vouchers are deducted at the participating establishments and should preferably be presented in digital format;

  • The discount for each voucher is made upon payment of the goods or services;

  • Vouchers are used in a single transaction; any remaining undiscounted amount is not refundable. More than one voucher can be used for each purchase;

  • After the voucher is deducted by the establishment, its value is added to the checking account balance of that establishment;

  • The current account of the establishment aggregates the value of the co-participation for the acquisition of technological equipment, and the total value of the vouchers that are paid, or not yet paid by the Regional Directorate for Tourism;

  • The balance of the establishment's current account to be settled will be processed weekly by the Regional Directorate of Tourism.

  • By joining the participants Network, and to facilitate access to the Internet portal intended for the management and dissemination of the “Azores Safe Destination Voucher”, a financial contribution for the purchase of technological equipment may be awarded, corresponding to 50% of the paid amount, up to a maximum of EUR 50.00 (fifty euros), per establishment;

  • The request for financial funding is made by filling out an electronic form on this portal, in the members reserved area.;

  • The completion of the electronic form requires the attachment of the copies of the invoice and the respective proof of payment of the technological equipment, which must include the tax identification number of the beneficiary entity;

  • The financial contribution is added to the checking account balance of the establishment.
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