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How can my company join the “Azores Safe Destination Voucher” participant network?
If you are a company listed in the Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities - Rev. 3 (CAE's), in categories 55, 56, 771, 79, 90, 91 and 932, you can join by filling in the form available on the "Company Membership" tab..
How are the vouchers discounted?
The vouchers are discounted using the QR Code reading tool, available in the Establishment’s reserved area in this portal or, alternatively, by entering the code of each voucher in the same area.
How and when do I get the value of the deducted vouchers?
The deducted vouchers are added to the establishment's checking account, and the current balance is processed, on a weekly basis, by the Regional Directorate for Tourism, and paid by means of transfer to the IBAN defined in the registration form, within approximately 7 days after processing.
My establishment does not have QR Code reading equipment, what should I do?
You can purchase a "smartphone", a "tablet" or other reading device that allows you to digitally carry out the discount, and then submit the respective invoice and proof of payment in the area reserved for your establishment. After validation by the Regional Directorate for Tourism, 50% of the amount paid is credited to your checking account, up to a limit of €50. Alternatively, you can redeem the vouchers by entering the alphanumeric code present in each voucher in the area reserved for your establishment on this portal.
Can I discount the voucher on a prepaid purchase?
In accordance with the terms of use, the voucher is discounted upon payment of the goods or services.
What is the use of the PIN on the companies’ form?
The PIN is automatically generated at the moment the Azorean Directorate for Tourism validates each company’s data and documentation. Immediately after, the company will receive an email with several information, including each establishment’s exclusive PIN to access the QR code reader.
What are the IBAN and CAE’s tabs used for?
The IBAN is located on its own tab, in order to permit a company with different establishments to associate a single IBAN, without the need to submit more than one proof document. The tab of CAE (Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities) concerns the activity/activities of a company accordingly to its permanent certificate or of an individual business enterprise or entrepreneur accordingly to its declaration of start, restart or amendment of activity. One company may have more than one establishment under the same CAE.
What do I have to do to receive an “Azores Safe Destination Voucher”?
You must perform a screening test to SARS-CoV-2 in the 72 hours prior to departure to the Azores. When filling out the Risk Assessment and Early Detection Questionnaire in the tool My Safe Azores (https://mysafeazores.com/) select the option to benefit from the “Azores Safe Destination Voucher” and submit, prior to boarding, the respective proof of negative test result on that platform. After the validation of the proof by the Regional Health Authority, you will receive an email with the voucher on the day of the trip.
What is the validity period for using the “Azores Safe Destination Voucher” and where can I use it?
Vouchers are valid for two months from the date of issue and can be discounted in the purchase of goods and services, in establishments belonging to Network participating establishment.
How do I use a “Azores Safe Destination Voucher”?
After choosing one of the establishments belonging to the Network participating establishment and before payment, you must indicate that you wish to discount one or more vouchers. You must present the voucher(s), preferably in digital format, so that the establishment's employees can read the respective QR Code, or insert the alphanumeric code present in the voucher in the portal.
Can I use more than one “Azores Safe Destination Voucher” to pay for a service?
Yes, you can. However, vouchers are used in a single transaction and any remaining amount is not refundable. Once used Vouchers become null and void.
Can I discount the voucher on a prepaid purchase?
In accordance with the terms of use, the voucher is discounted upon payment of the goods or services.
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