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Azores Safe Destination Voucher


Who can benefit from the «Azores Safe Destination Voucher»?
All the non-resident passengers arriving in the Azores that meet the requirements regarding the screening test and the filling of the form at "My Safe Azores" can benefit from this voucher, in the amount of € 35,00.
How can I apply for an «Azores Safe Destination Voucher»?
After testing for SARS-CoV-2 within 72 hours before departure to the Azores, choose the option “Benefit of the “Azores Safe Destination Voucher” when filling the Questionnaire for Risk Assessment and Early Detection of SARS-CoV-2 at My Safe Azores (https://mysafeazores.com/) and submit prior to boarding the proof of the test’s NEGATIVE result. After the proof validation by the Regional Health Authority, on arrival, you will receive an email with your voucher on that same day.
How long is the «Azores Safe Destination Voucher» valid and where is it possible to be discounted?
The vouchers are valid up to 20 days, counting from the issuing date, and can be used on the purchase of goods and services made in the Archipelago, at the participating establishments network (Check the site for the list)!.
How can I use the «Azores Safe Destination Voucher»?
After choosing one of the participating establishments (Check the site for the list) and before paying the good or service, you should inform your intention to discount one or more than one vouchers, by presenting the voucher(s), preferably in digital format, in order for the staff to read its QR Code. Alternatively, some establishments may discount the voucher by entering its alphanumeric code.
Can I use more than one «Azores Safe Destination Voucher» to pay for a good or service?
Yes, you can. However, the voucher(s) can only be used in a single transaction and eventual remaining amount is not refundable.
Can I use the voucher in a pre-paid purchase?
In accordance with its terms of use, the voucher can only be discounted upon payment of the good or service.
Does the Questionnaire for Risk Assessment and Early Detection of SARS-CoV-2 QR code match the Voucher’s QR code?
No. The questionnaire’s QR code is intended only for validation purpose by the Regional Health Authority and is the one included in the form you submitted at "My Safe Azores". The voucher’s QR code is similar to the below image and is automatically received at your email address, after your arrival on destination and consequent validation of the questionnaire’s QR code.
How to identify which is the QR code related to the «Azores Safe Destination Voucher»?
The «Azores Safe Destination Voucher» should be similar to the below image and must display its QR code and its alphanumeric code. You should ensure that it is in fact an «Azores Safe Destination Voucher», in order to avoid future problems.
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