Voucher Açores

Azores Safe Destination Voucher


Procedures for passengers travelling from Portuguese Mainland, Madeira Archipelago and from abroad

  • If you are a non-resident travelling to the Azores and you intend to benefit from this voucher, please be aware of the following procedures before boarding:

    1. Get a screening test for SARS-CoV-2 within 72 hours before your flight departure to the Azores. For passengers travelling from Portuguese Mainland and Madeira Archipelago this test can be performed free of charge at one of the Azores Government’s partner labs. Further information at How to travel?;

    2. After receiving the test result and before boarding, you need to fill in the form available at My Safe Azores, and attach a proof of your test´s NEGATIVE result.

    Important note: Please, keep in mind that if you do not tick the form consent for data processing by the Regional Directorate for Tourism regarding voucher purpose, it will prevent you from getting the Azores Safe Destination Voucher;

    • On your arrival in the Azores, our Health’s teams will be able to verify your form as well as all the remaining documents.

    • After the documents validation, the Azores Safe Destination Voucher, in the amount of 35,00 €, will be sent to your email address. This voucher includes a QR code and an alphanumeric code as well as its expiration date. The voucher will be valid for 20 days counting from its issuing date.

    • To use the voucher, follow these steps:

      1. Upon payment of the goods or services, show the PR Code or inform your voucher alphanumeric code, at the participating establishments network (Check the site for the list)!;

      2. Secure your immediate discount when purchasing the goods and services.

    • The Azores Safe Destination Voucher can only be used in a single transaction and if the purchase price is less than the voucher value, the remaining amount cannot be refund.

    • Everything is ready for you to use your voucher at one of the participating establishments network (Check the site for the list)!;

    • For further information about the Covid-19 pandemic in the Azores, visit the site https://destinoseguro.azores.gov.pt.

    • Have a nice trip! Enjoy the Azores!

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